Ddos Website Using Image

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Hi my name is Mubassir Kamdar I am first year student it is my first guest post on Bugbountypoc.com I am very thankful to developers of this website that they made a great informative website for noob like me.So come to topic i am telling you that I found a way to ddos a website using image……

Step to reproduce:

1)go to that website which have upload option(notice they don’t cheak file size)

2)upload image file(download from here)

3)next step click upload

4)now goto that directory where the image went after upload

You will shocked to see 504 gateway timeout error…If you don’t understand this article I will share you a video demonstration cheak the video you will surely understand…




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3 Responses

  1. corsair vengence says:


  2. Sachin says:

    Can you please share the image file.


  3. ak1t4 says:

    the 504 timeout is for the uploading image time, the site not was crashed, you need test it from external proxy or online tool for verify if the site is still up & running.

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