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Any user can edit any list. 0

Any user can edit any list.

Hey There, I hope you guys doing great out there. While i was hunting Instacart , I found that any user from whom a list is shared via link or any random list is...


SSRF Bypass in private website

SSRF Bypass in private website – Bug Bounty POC Hello BugBountyPoc viewers it’s been while we did not post poc on BugBountyPoc becuase of we are busy in our new porject of forum where...


Email Disclsoure in Coinbase

Email Disclsoure in Coinbase – Bug Bounty POC Hey Bug Bounty POC viewers,hope you are alright, its been a while some one posted an PoC on the bugbountypoc.So today i will be sharing my...

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Venom Automatic Shellcode Generator

Venom 1.0.11 Automatic Shellcode Generator – Bug Bounty POC Hello Bug Bounty POC Viwers,This is Chaitanya¬†today i will gonna talk about a multi shellcode generator know as “Venom“.Yeah it’s called as venom because some...