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Open redirection in 99design 3

Open redirection in 99design

  Open redirection in 99design – Bug Bounty POC This post is published by Bug Bounty POC on the request of Danyal Zafar as a guest writer.Note that the post is written by Danyal...


Business Logic Flaw in Facebook

Business Logic Flaw in Facebook – Bug Bounty POC Hello Bug Bounty POC viewers this is Behroz and Today, I am discussing about a security bug report I reported to Facebook few months ago....

IDOR vulnerability in hackerone 5

IDOR vulnerability in Hackerone

Hello Viewers,I’m Bharat Sewani and today i will share how i found IDOR vulnerability in hackerone while i were testing the hackerone web application i found out that they are using ID to change the...